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Performance Register Results 2019

Boonahburra Royal Mascot

Performance Register Results 2018

Costalota Twinkle Toes (Castle Baron IMP x Noweddie Natalie)
bred and owned by Lynda Robinson
CPBSA Performance Awards Queensland In Hand Title and
Sue Clarke Memorial National Performance Pony of the Year 2018

Performance Register Results 2017

Boonahburra Royal Mascot
Sue Clarke Memorial National Performance Pony of the Year 2017

Sire and Dam Record

Performance Register – Scorebook insert

Performance Register Application 2018

Performance Register Scoring

The Connemara Pony Breeders’ Society of Australia (CPBSA) PERFORMANCE REGISTER has been designed to record and recognise the performance of Connemara purebreds and partbreds nationally and internationally.

The CPBSA encourages you to enter your purebred or partbred pony or horse that has been foal registered with the Society. There is NO entry fee for CPBSA members, however there is a $20 entry fee for non-members.

Points may be gained in three sections:

·         PERFORMANCE: All individual events including all under saddle classes

·         IN HAND: All individual led-in or halter classes

·         PREMIUM SIRES/DAMS: All eligible results by first generation progeny

Awards will be presented annually to the highest scoring purebred or partbred in each state.  Separate awards will be given for the Performance section and the In Hand section.

For any further details please contact:
Mrs Mel Bouwman, C/- 271 Injemira Road, Grassmere Vic 3281
Phone: 0424 915 976 email:

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