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Membership Forms


Full Membership entitles members to full privileges of membership of the Society as laid down by the Rules and Regulations.

A Full Member may:

register a stud prefix

record a brand

record eligible purebred foals

adult register eligible purebred mares

adult register eligible purebred stallions

issue service certificates

transfer recorded or registered ponies

lease recorded or registered ponies

stand for election to Committee

vote for the Committee

vote at the AGM of the Society

An Associate Member may:

register a stud prefix

record a brand

record eligible sports section foals

adult register eligible sports section mares

adult register eligible part bred stallions

transfer registered part bred ponies

lease recorded or registered ponies

attend the AGM of the Society

Friends of the Connemara Pony may:

receive Newsletters

contribute to the promotion of the Connemara Pony

not show ponies

not vote in any matters for the Society

not breed ponies

If you are intending to breed ponies you will need to register a stud Prefix and Brand with the Society.  A STUD PREFIX is the member’s own distinguishing stud name.  All eligible ponies bred by a member of the Society, must carry his or her own individual stud prefix.  Your own stud prefix will identify the ponies bred by you.  The name of a registered pony can never be changed (unless prior permission, in writing, is given by the breeder) and any pony bred by you will always carry your own stud prefix, even when it changes hands.  Members should also register their own distinguishing brand design with the Society.


Membership fees fall due in July of each year.  Renewal notices are sent to all members and must be returned with remittance of applicable fees to the Federal Secretary.  If these are not received by September 30, a fee of $15 will be deemed payable.  A joining fee of $20 is charged when first joining the Society.  This does not apply to Friends of the Connemara Pony.


All members receive regular bulletins which are distributed electronically for those with email addresses and in a hard copy to those without email access.  The Bulletin/Journal helps to keep members informed of events within the Society. Members can advertise and submit articles for consideration for these publications.

All members receive a Newsletter periodically from their State Action Group. This Newsletter helps keep members informed of events within their State as well as events within the Society.


There are Action Groups in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, West Australia, Tasmania and Central Victoria as well as the Barwon Region in Victoria. Each Action Group organises its own Action Days and other promotional activities. Society Action Group Activities are covered by Insurance.

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