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Ponies are listed for and on behalf of the registered owner who is responsible for notifying the Society when the pony has been sold or withdrawn from sale. The Society accepts no responsibility for inconvenience or loss should a listed pony not be available.  Likewise the Society is not responsible for any description of the pony which proves to be inaccurate.

The Society relies on the principle of “caveat emptor” (let the buyer beware).

Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware HWSD

Alphabetical listing of ponies currently for sale.

To see Connemara Ponies currently listed with HORSEZONE click here

Ann Fox

Azure Sebastion

Blueberry Hills Thunderstorm

Caralea Herbie

Caralea Tango

Gracefield Park

Marglyn Chivalrous

Marglyn Freedom

Marglyn Orion

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